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What You Need to Look for When Buying a House in Western Australia

Posted by Anthony Van Der Wielen on 10/11/2015

The Western coastal region of Australia has many picturesque and thriving cities like Perth and Fremantle. There are many perks to living in the city of Fremantle which includes the experience of beautiful weather, quick travelling, great outdoors and access to pristine beaches. If you are thinking about purchasing some real estate in this region, there are some things that you need to pay attention to.


Think about your requirements and prioritise them


Each person who is looking to purchase a home has a unique set of priorities. You may want to purchase a house which would support your family through the years or you may want to make an investment in property for monetary benefit. Whatever may be your purpose, it helps to list your requirements and give each of them a specific priority. Fremantle offers many different kinds of houses, which means that you are bound to find the perfect fit.


Pay attention to the locality


There are many facilities which are available in and around Fremantle including a number of restaurants, breweries, pubs, sports facilities and nightclubs. Apart from these, you need to check your access to public transport, schools and marketplaces. Even the distance to facilities for retirees like clubs, choirs, support and services, tai chi classes and yoga classes can help you make a better decision.


Compare prices with other properties in the area


Sometimes, the houses on the same street have a large price difference for no apparent reason. Before you zero in on the perfect investment, look at the prices of the other properties in the area so that you know that you are going in for the best deal.


Hire a good real estate agent


Real estate agents are better able to judge the value of a property. With their help, you will have access to the latest properties which are on sale in the region. They are also able to short-list appropriate properties according to your requirements.


Act fast


Once you think you have found the perfect place, ensure that you make the purchase as quickly as possible. Some people have a tendency to wait for the best market conditions, making them lose out significantly on the investment value of the property.


With excellent weather and great outdoor environment, Fremantle proves to be an ideal place to stay. Once you find the best property according to your needs, you will experience the beauty and comfort of the city for yourself!


If you are searching for property in Fremantle, give us a call and we can help!

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