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Western Australia: A Great Place to Have an Alternative Home

Posted by Anthony Van Der Wielen on 28/01/2016

Western Australia, a state perched on the western fringes of Australia could indeed be considered to be a delight for nature lovers. Flanked on the north and west by the Indian Ocean and on the South by the Southern Ocean and the Great Australian Bight, Western Australia has been gaining a lot of brownie points as a tourists’ paradise. With the economy of the state on the rising, subject to an increased emphasis on agriculture, tourism and mining; the future of the state seems all but secured. If anyone wants to have an alternative home in the midst of encompassing nature, any one of the outstanding hamlets in Western Australia including Perth and Fremantle could actually be an intelligent choice. There are a handful of reasons why one should make the state their second home. Some of the reasons could be summarised as:

  1. Attractive weather: The state has one of the best weathers in Australia. With a typical Mediterranean setting, the state could be an excellent place for fun in the beach. Although the summers might at times be a little too hot, the average temperature is fairly mild. With an array of breathtaking beaches, you could be up for a very interesting stay at your new house.
  2. Virgin territory: The state is still virgin and is not infested with excess population. If you are looking for a pristine place that can offer you the much needed solitude, a stint in the region could indeed be cathartic.
  3. Rising economy: With a host of mineral resources, Western Australia has started to attract miners from all over. To put it in perspective, the state contributes roughly half of the entire country’s overseas exports. Agriculture and tourism are also becoming bigger with each passing day. Consequently, there has been a spurt in opportunities. With the recent growth having propelled a significant shortage of labour, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make some bucks working for any of the existing organizations.
  4. Endowed with nature’s wealth: Western Australia boasts of having one of the most varied flora and fauna in the entire world. With grasslands, coasts, semi-deserts and deserts; the landscape is also multifarious. Photographers could find this region the best place to camp. Just in case you have a home there, there is nothing like it!
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