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Fremantle Set to Undergo a Transformation

Posted by Anthony Van Der Wielen on 13/07/2015

In March this year, the Mayor of Fremantle announced plans to redevelop Victoria Quay, kick-start a $220 million project to change the city centre, and introduce a New York High Line-style bridge. The initiatives are described in the FREO 2029 Transformational Moves document that will reinforce Fremantle’s status as ‘WA’s undisputed second city’.

The document looks at the opportunities and challenges in Fremantle, and outlines the actions needed to meet the city’s future needs. The actions are ambitious, but the Mayor feels that they can be achieved through cooperation between the state and private sector governments, as well as the local community. Each of the actions take into account certain aspects of Fremantle, such as its waterfront, city centre, transport links, the Fremantle Oval Precinct and other specific location-based projects.

An overview of the development landscape


City Centre

Will include a $220 million redevelopment of Kings Square, providing offices, libraries and civic chambers to the city, 30,000 sqm of high quality office space, and 16,000 sqm of retail space in the city centre. This public-private partnership is the biggest of its kind since the city’s port.


Network City

A new hybrid light rail system will link Fremantle to surrounding areas. The rail will give development a boost, and promote the better use of land opportunities throughout the length of the transit corridors. A seamless bicycle network is another implementation scheduled for 2029.



A major redevelopment of Victoria Quay will improve connections to the city centre. It is also expected to enhance the ground-level opportunities, with over 30,000 sqm of office space and 9,500 sqm of retail space. This project will also see the heritage sites in the area being reused creatively with the intention to maintain the character of the port city.

Northern Gateway

A new residential development on Queen Victoria Street will be within walkable distance from the CBD, and provide up to 1,850 dwellings. The Queen Victoria Street Bridge will be replaced by a new traffic bridge, while the existing structure will be maintained for cyclists, joggers and pedestrians, with the potential to become a thriving public space with markets, lookout areas and other attractions.


Fremantle Oval Precinct

As part of this project, seniors, students and key workers will be provided high quality, affordable housing.

The effects of certain locational factors such as proximity to schools, highways and public transport on property values are well-documented. Commercial developments in a city also have a positive impact on property prices. The new developments in Fremantle can be expected to positively influence the value of the city’s residential properties.

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