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Sports Management

An avid football follower and past player, Anthony enjoys a working relationship with many AFL Players. His keen negotiation skills are employed not only to manage their real estate portfolios but as their AFL Accredited Player Manager supervising their player contracts with AFL clubs, media, sponsorship opportunities and mentoring the players both during and after their careers.

Who do Empire currently manage?

Why do I need a sports manager?

If you are looking to take your sporting career to the next level it is essential that you have a qualified sports manager. Empire Sports Management will ensure that your off field career is handled professionally leaving you stress free and able to reach your full potential as an athlete.

What will my manager do/be responsible for?

Your sports manager’s key role is to ensure that you get the most out of your career as an athlete. Empire Sports Management provides assistance in the following areas:

  • Contract negotiation and sponsorship agreement management.
  • An expert opinion on your sporting code ensuring that you abide by all rules and regulations relevant to your individual code and assist with avoiding fines and penalties.
  • Provide and present to you appearance opportunities, networking opportunities and potential sponsorship opportunities
  • Career advice and guidance
  • Legal and financial advice
  • Relocation assistance
  • Educational opportunities
  • Media training
  • Preparation and assistance with your life following your sporting career

How can I be managed by Empire Sports Management?

Anthony Van Der Wielen and Harley Van Der Wielen pride themselves on being approachable and friendly sports managers and are open to discuss all potential management opportunities.

To contact Anthony:
Telephone: 0419 202 202
Email: anthony@empireproperty.com.au

To contact Harley:
Telephone: 0410 680 783
Email: harley@empireproperty.com.au

Book one of our Clients

Would you like to hear from a current or past AFL player at your next function? Do you have a sponsorship opportunity that might interest one of our talent? To discuss these opportunities please contact Anthony on:

Telephone: 9335 7555

What Our Clients Say About Us

Anthony V, my one and only manager. To be there through the good and bad times on a professional level, in one of the toughest sports on the planet. Winning my world title would not have been the same without him, friend and mentor for life.

Combining business acumen, a successful property business and a terrific understanding of the AFL landscape made joining Empire an easy decision. Anthony’s guidance and advice helped shape my football career and more importantly my life after football. When I did my knee in 2008 Anthony was the first person on the scene and when all the well wishes had come and gone he was the last one there to guide me through the toughest time of a career. That is what set him and Empire apart from the rest.

Having Anthony as my manager has allowed me to focus on playing my best football as he takes care of matters off the field. I have the upmost trust and confidence in Anthony as my interested are always the highest priority for him. Through Anthony’s vibrant and good natured personality we have developed a strong relationship.

As a player it is extremely important to attain the services of a good manager. The last thing you want is to be dealing with off field distractions as it takes away your focus from doing what you do best and that’s playing professional sport. Vando became not just a manager but a friend. We regularly bounced ideas of each other and he gave me great guidance throughout my football career. Through his large network of contacts he was able to provide me with a number of endorsement opportunities that were separate to the ones that I received from the club. Vando always had my best interests at heart and whilst my football days are now over, Vando continues to offer me his services whenever I’m in need.

Vando will do anything he can to help prolong the happiness and success of his players. He has loads of experience and he never lets me down. Not only a great manager but a great mate.

Vanders is a great mate as well as a quality manager. He takes as much interest in my personal life as he does my professional life. Legend!

If you’re looking for honesty, reliability and someone you can trust Anthony is your man. He provided great wisdom and advice throughout my career and I know that I can still rely on him many years after. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Anthony wasn’t just a manager, he was a mate. His work for me was excellent and I still ask him for advice today.

Experience, skill, integrity and support on and off the field. What more could you ask for in a manager? I still seek his advice on a regular basis. He is now a part of my family.

I started off my career with Vando as my manager. Today he is more than that. He is a true friend that continues to help me out.

Anthony works hard for his players. Nothing was ever too much to ask from him. He not only helped with my contracts and advice whilst I was a player but he also has assisted me with career advice for many years after my career finished. His selfless attitude is one of the reasons that I count Vando as a close friend to this day.

Anthony has been a fantastic and selfless manager to me for a number of years now. His tenacious attitude to provide a high quality service is second to none. Anthony genuinely cares and has a keen interest in your successes on and off the field.

Anthony has been a pleasure to work with on both a professional and personal level. I look forward to continue working with Anthony long into the future.

I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony as an agent, not only did he negotiate an excellent contract, sponsorship deals and do a housing development for me he was there as a person I could trust and talk too and am very grateful to still have him as a true friend way after my career has finished.

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