Tips for preparing your property to sell

Preparing your property for sale

Enhance your property before putting it on the market. This can mean simple things such as good cleaning or reasonable upgrades. First, you should consider how much you are willing to spend on the interior and exterior. Next, think about the time frame in which you would like to start having open houses and viewings.

Exterior appeal of your home

If your home is approachable and appealing, the potential buyer might make the effort to visit your open home. The reverse is also true. That is why it is important that the exterior of the property is well-kept and inviting.

Speak with your Empire Property Solutions agent

Before making changes that cost anything more than a little bit of time, money, and effort, you should speak with your Empire agent. There are some changes that are simply too excessive to undertake, and our agents will know the difference. We can provide you with expert advice surrounding these matters.

Handy tip

Put yourself in the shoes of your home buyer. If you were to drive by your home, would you find it appealing? Does it look well-kept and have an inviting feel? Would you be interested in looking, based on the price you are hoping for?

How much should you spend to maximise the appeal of your property?

You don’t need to spend a lot to fix up your property. Go ahead and fix small things like a broken railing or a missing doorknob, defects that can be relatively easily corrected without excessive expense. Avoid large projects as you may not get the return on investment (ROI) that would justify the outlay. Things such as additions or a complete bathroom remodel, for example, can be too costly to complete just for sale purposes.

Remember, first impressions count!

Check out our suggestions below and see if any of these are areas that you think could be improved on your property.

  • The Lawn: Is it well maintained and manicured? Do you have brown patches that could be fixed up or maybe a good edge trimming is in order?
  • Shrubs/Trees: Trim shrubs and trees to look nice. Get rid of dead branches and be sure that as much light as possible can enter the home. This gives the home a larger feel.
  • Garden Beds: Give your garden beds some sprucing up with some mulch. Planting a few nice flowers can help too. Maybe add a few potted plants near the entrance of your home to help provide an inviting atmosphere.
  • Windows: Wash all windows. Repair anything that is broken or missing such as a screen, glass, or latches.
  • Eaves: Clean up the eaves. Get rid of spider webs and wash them, if possible.
  • Drains/Spouts: Check to ensure they don’t have blockages and that they are clean.
  • Paintwork: You may want to tend to areas that are flaking or faded, however, this is one area that you should discuss with your agent.
  • Doors: Fix anything that is broken or missing. Polish the handles and fittings and thoroughly clean/wash doors, especially the front door.
  • Fences: Repaint, repair and straighten the fencing. This is another area that you might want to discuss with your agent.
  • Junk/Rubbish: Remove any and all junk from the yard, even the small things like a tire that you have been meaning to dispose of or tree trimmings. Be sure the lawn, yard, and garage (or balcony) is completely clear of junk.
  • Pools/Ponds: Ensure these are in proper working order, clean, and clear.
  • Garage: Try to keep the garage door closed as best you can. Remember, people are driving by and this will make your home look neater and tidier.

Interior appeal

Once you’ve given your exterior a once over, your buyers will be interested in seeing the inside. This means we need to get the interior in tip-top condition as well.

Take some time and look over these areas that deserve attention inside your home:

  • Clean and Declutter: Go through each room and find things to remove from it.
    When living in a home it is easy to get cluttered from time to time. But, if you clean and declutter, this will make the home feel as spacious as it can be. This may mean that you need to rent a storage unit or donate things to charity to make more room.
  • Carpets: These should be steam cleaned throughout the home.
  • Painting: Paint over any chips or missing paint. Wipe down the walls that appear dirty. When choosing paint, choose a paint that is neutral for better resale.
  • Damage: Look for damage in the home. Repair any ripped wallpaper, missing trim, etc.
  • Plumbing, Electrical, and Gas Appliances: These need to be in working order, per the contract. Be sure that if you have any issues with these things that you have them professionally repaired. Repair things such as leaking taps and blown light bulbs. Check the windows and doors as well.
  • Knobs/Handles: Repair any loose handles/knobs and replace any that are missing or damaged. Ensure that they all match throughout the home.
  • Bench Tops: Always keep your bench tops clear of clutter.
  • Store away all valuables including jewellery and cash. Be sure that you take your prescription medications with you or have them stored away as well.

Hear what our clients have to say…

View and open times for your home

If you have checked over the items on the list above, your home should be appealing and approachable. You are now ready to show off your well-presented home to your potential buyers.  Below we offer tips on how to prepare your home for viewing:

  1. Turn on all the lights in the home and open all the curtains. This will fill the home with light and won’t leave viewers fumbling, trying to find the proper switches.
  2. Pay attention to the home’s odours. Sometimes lighting candles, setting up diffusers or even a room spray can do the trick. You can even brew some coffee or bake some cookies for a homely feel.
  3. Wipe down all the surfaces and bench tops.
  4. Ensure that your pets are safe and restrained when visitors are in your home. Sometimes it is just best to remove them from the property for viewing times.
  5. Turn off all noisemakers such as the TV or radio. Some nice, calming background music may be appropriate.
  6. If you can, set the air conditioning at a temperature that is comfortable.
  7. Have a nice display of flowers or arrangements.
  8. Be sure that your agent has a key to the front door. Your potential buyers are important guests and should come through the front.
  9. Leave. Yes, your agent will take care of everything. With you gone the buyers will feel more comfortable and relaxed.
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