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16 September 2016
by Anthony Van Der Wielen













Tips & Tricks for Moving with Kids

It’s time to move house. For many, that’s plenty stressful enough. But for the parents out there who must take on a move with kids in tow? Well, that adds an extra layer of difficulty. Moving home is often an emotional process, and can be especially so for young children. Kids must face the plunge into the unknown and that’s always confusing. But there’s a lot you can do to help ease this process; there are methods for navigating this journey.

In this blog we’ll break down some key insights about moving with kids. We’re confident that there’s a lot here to help you reduce the stress of your move, cutting away the anxiety and ushering in the excitement. In addition, feel free to download any of our Moving House Checklists for a complete step-by-step guide.

Focus on Communication

Honest, emotionally available communication is an essential part of nurturing your child’s health and wellbeing. When facing difficulty and upheaval—as can often be experienced in moving—open communication only takes on a more important role. Where possible, explaining to your child why the move is taking place and what to expect throughout the process is going to provide an element of order to an otherwise chaotic situation.

This sort of conversation might be a challenge at first. It’s likely to be emotional with little chance of smooth sailing. But that’s okay, it’s all part of dealing with the storm.

Practically speaking, it’s a great idea to bring up features of your new home or location that are bound to excite your child.

  • Consider mentioning how fun it will be to decorate their new room. There may be an inviting sense of independence your child will feel at that prospect, giving them something to look forward to.
  • Consider making a list of all the exciting attractions in your new neighbourhood. Maybe that’s parks and shops, maybe it’s playgrounds and swimming pools, movies and bowling.

Maintaining Routines

During the moving process, much of normal living life may be disrupted. Disruptions to routine provide an additional layer of confusion for your children.

One thing you can do to alleviate this pressure is to plan your moving weeks so that regular activities go on as usual. Whether it’s sports practice, or an activity you do with your children, maintaining certain elements of routine will provide a semblance of regular structure which can be comforting for children.

Of course, depending on the nature of your move, maintaining your usual routines may be particularly difficult. For long-distance moves in particular, you’ll have to employ other strategies. When it comes to moving day, for example, make sure to have an activity ready to occupy your kids.

It’s important for your children to be part of the moving process to some degree, but you’ll have to strike the right balance. For particularly difficult moves, the services of a professional and reputable moving company will take much of your stress away on the big day, leaving you free to help guide your children.

Build a Sentimental Item Box

It can often help to provide your children with a special box or container in which they can pack their precious belongings. Knowing that they have their most important things in a safe and easily accessible place is a great help for kids during the moving process.

By allowing your children to pack a special box containing many of their cherished items, you’ll be providing an anchor of security and comfort.

Start Early

When you’re moving with kids there’s a lot that can change. Emotions are likely high for both yourself and your children, and this may mean you can’t hold firm to your plans all the time. With this knowledge in mind, it makes sense to allow yourself to be flexible when it comes to the little things that don’t quite go as planned.

For this reason, make sure that you begin to plan for your move with lots of time to spare. This means that when things get in the way, you’ll have time up your sleeve.

Saying Proper Goodbyes

Coming to terms with change is difficult. But coming to terms with the reality of your move is important for your children moving forward. By encouraging your children to honestly realise that the move is occurring, they will be better able to say farewell to aspects of their environment that they will no longer see.

No one says that goodbyes are easy. But faced with honesty and courage, they make way for positive new beginnings.


02 September 2016
by Anthony Van Der Wielen


Housing affordability has been deteriorating in all major cities in Australia with the exception of Perth to the year ended June 2016. This is according to research found in many Real Estate Companies across Australia.

According to Moody’s Investor Services, Australians in general spent an average of 27.6 percent of their monthly pay on their mortgages during the year ended 31 March 2016. This was a 0.6 percent rise from the same period a year before.

In contrast, average mortgage repayments in Perth have been on the downward spiral with the affordability trend going down from 22.6 per cent to 21.5 per cent. The affordability index for the whole country has generally improved in the last ten years.

Other cities in Australia have not been performing very well with Sydney being the most unaffordable city for both renters and property buyers. Brisbane has been declining in the affordability index for two years in a row. The only other cities that are moderately affordable are Hobart and Adelaide.

First home buyers have found it extremely difficult to get their first home in Melbourne and Sydney metropolitans as prices have gone through the roof. Luckily, Western Australia first home buyers are experiencing a cut in their home prices as the Barnett Government exempted them from transfer duty if they are paying up to $430,000.

While there are still pockets of unaffordability in Perth, the general trend has been good. SGS Economics and Planning associate Ellen Witte says the affordability in rent and property prices in Perth coincides with the end of the mining boom that the city has been experiencing in the most recent past.

In many cities in Australia, most households are committing from 30 per cent to over 80 per cent of their income on rent. Even for houses as low as $500 a week. This has put a lot of pressure on many households as there is little left for primary needs such as food, clothing, healthcare, and education.

The decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia to slash off 25 basis points off the cash rate to stand at 1.75 will have a positive effect on housing affordability. Perth stands to reap higher gains from the move than other cities in Australia.

For the three months to June, the median house prices in Perth have plummeted 1.4 percent to stand at $522,500 while the price of single units moved to $406,000 in June from a median of $436, 000 in March this year.



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